Country Head of Commercial Bank

Balazs Toldi

Country Head of Commercial Bank
LinkedIn profile

Balazs is a highly accomplished executive renowned for his exceptional leadership roles in the banking industry. With a notable track record as Country Head of Citi Commercial Bank, Head of Corporate Bank at GE Capital, and Chairman of the Board & CEO of Budapest Leasing Ltd, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive success and achieve remarkable results.

Throughout his career, Balazs has excelled in managing complex M&A transactions, showcasing his expertise in navigating intricate business landscapes. He has a proven track record in implementing effective turnaround strategies and achieving exponential growth in corporate banking segments, further solidifying his reputation as a strategic and results-oriented leader.

Balazs holds a dual degree Executive MBA from the prestigious Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, and WU Executive Academy, further enhancing his business acumen. Additionally, he has pursued continuous professional development through various certificate programs, including credit, IT management, and strategic leadership at esteemed institutions such as Columbia University.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Balazs has a strong passion for mentoring and fostering talent. He finds great inspiration in witnessing the rapid growth and success of his mentees as they advance in their careers. His commitment to nurturing and empowering individuals underscores his dedication to both personal and professional development.

Overall, Balazs is recognized as a visionary leader with an impressive track record, a breadth of expertise in the banking sector, and a genuine passion for guiding others towards success.

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